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  1. BlueJeans
    2.1. Connection and Video Quality:
    The overall streaming quality of the BlueJeans conference service left us with
    mixed feelings. The video signal was partial noisy, washed out, and sometimes with
    frame rates lower as captured and can only be described as ordinary and nothing
    special. The audio quality on the other hand was, compared to other streaming ser –
    vices, of higher level. The audio signal is transmitted almost noise free clearly to
    understand without any stutter or artifacts. This probably is due to the Dolby Voice
    audio codec BlueJeans utilizes. The test revealed that BlueJeans does not work
    well on poor connections facing relevant package loss at low bandwidth. We cannot
    recommend using BlueJeans while on an insufficient internet connection. The con –
    nection should be at least above 2500kb/s upload and 1000kb/s download speed.
    2.2. Functions:
    The BlueJeans conference comes with multiple tools. A chat function, the possibili –
    ty to upload videos and share your screen. The conference system includes a re –
    mote desktop connection option to remote control a distant computer taking part in
    the conference. However, screen sharing and remote desktop function are available
    only if connected over a sufficient internet connection and cannot be used on poor
    connections. Bluejeans offers a whiteboard including an annotation function. The
    whiteboard can be used to hold lectures and develop concepts live within the con –
    ference whereas the annotation function can be used to share your own screen and
    draw markings and notes right into it. The annotation function can be an advantage
    while discussing design plans or pictures in general.
    2.3. Usability/Interface:
    The BlueJeans interface is simple and easy to use. The main functions can be
    found in the top middle of the screen without going through additional menus. On
    the screen the current content to people ratio can be adjusted by using a slider or
    one of the buttons in the bottom right corner to keep the conference sorted. Blue –
    Jeans does provide a calendar when using the client software instead of the brows –
    er entering conferences to keep track with upcoming meetings. It is possible to
    take a look at the connection quality and the broadcast settings of the other partic –
    ipants by clicking on their name resp. icon on the right side panel.
    2.4. Accessibility:
    Like the most conference systems BlueJeans can be entered using a web browser
    or a client. The system was tested with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome
    without any issues. The client download is available from: . Our test showed that the client is the
    better choice using BlueJeans. In some cases we found issues with the communi –
    cation between Browser and webcam/microphone which can be avoided using the
    client program. Meetings can easily be accessed via the link to the conference
    room or by typing the conference ID inside the client. A number of meeting rooms
    are already set up for the institute by PP&B run on an enterprise license paid for by
    the institute. Please use the Indico calender before using the conference system to
    prevent interruption of meetings already ongoing! The BlueJeans meeting rooms
    provided by the institute are not password secured and meetings can easily be in –
    terrupted by mistake. The calender is available here: https://indico.fhiberlin. . You can book rooms there to host your conference.
    2.5. Pricing:
    The BlueJeans conferences provided by the institute are free to use for members at
    the institute and there are no additional costs to pay. The client can be downloaded
    for free.
    2.6. Data Protection:
    Recent update: BlueJeans became part of Verizon, a USA based telecommunication
    concern. Data send over the conference system therefore passes through their
    servers. As stated on the website: , BlueJeans will save any
    personal data used alongside its service as well as every connection data. For
    more additional information visit their website, please.
    2.7. Conclusion:
    BlueJeans is a solid conference system that features all of the necessary core
    functions. It shows weakness in the video stream quality but makes it up easily by
    the very good audio quality. We strongly recommend using BlueJeans with the dedi –
    cated client. The service should not be used on a poor internet connection or low
    bandwidth! The build-in whiteboard and annotations function are strong tools to
    teach or to develop concepts live within the meeting. Conference rooms can be
    booked using the FHI Indico calender (link above) provided by PP&B.